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you don't look at me anymore.
I used to be yours.
one of your pieces
you made me feel beautiful.
you made me beautiful.
In this dry dark place
I forget.
My pages crackle
and I cry
You used to keep my together.
now I'm always falling apart
pulled. confused. fuck
I can't remember anymore.
Everything feels different.
I am wrong here.
ugly and broken.
What am I doing?
you don't even look at me anymore
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The Window
Acrylic on Canvas.
Untitled. Not thinking. Dreaming. Wondering. Distracted.
Layers. Lines. Patterns. Overlapping. Underlying.  Twisting. Blowing.
Bright vibrant colors. Sun rise. Sun set. East, West. slight Rise.
Solid orange  border, containing. The Window.
Gradient background. Yellow. Red. Sunset. Sunrise. Watching.
Trees blowing. Branches swaying. Placed haphazardly, but repetitive.
Borders. Borders. Borders.
Checkered: black and white. Green and yellow. Diagonal Lines.
Blunt. marks.
Flowingunbroken. Thoughts. Winds. Leaves. Dreaming. Free.
Work. Distractions. Busy. No time. Trapped. No Time.
Looking out the window, past the orange walls and over the bright papers of Work  and Business to be Attended To the sun is setting. Or is it rising? Time doesn't make much sense anymore. Trees blow and sway in the breeze, their branches rustling against one another.
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Dedicated to...
To the soldier standing in the corner.
Do you see beyond the shadows?
Where is your gun
little tin soldier
Where do you hide it?
behind all your metals and badges?
     Behind all your tombstones and ditches.
Where are your babies
little mass murderer
Standing in the street with their hands up?
    Standing in the corner
    in the shadows
    in the dark
    with their eyes
Where will you hide
little devil of darkness
when your gun goes off and the world around you fallsdown
    wherewillyouhide with your little blind babies in a world filled with smoke
and rubble
and light?
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A Symphonic Orchestra
He liked my singing
So I tore at my throat
shredding apart my vocal chords so
the only notes left were 'I'm sorry'.
He liked my writing
So I broke my wrists and fingers
refusing to ever write about
our story again.
He liked my art work
So I threw it into a pit of fire
watching as our symbolic memories
screamed up from the flames.
He liked my eyes.
He liked my jokes and my kisses
and how easy I was to hold
So I broke down and gave him Hope.
And then I left.
leaving behind only a pile of ash
and 'I'm sorry' crying up from the floor.
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Album Cover by MedeaPending Album Cover :iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 1 0
10 Step Program
Step One. in becoming the girl you will never love -
Move far far away, so wandering hands become prone.
A result of having nothing within reach.
                    I. When I lay beside you on slides
                       and lean against you on rooftops,
                       can't you hear my body thrumming,
                       "Kiss me"?
Step Two. in becoming the girl you'll have no problem forgetting -
Constantly surround myself with people who aren't you
and stop being alone.
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Your Song
I don't want one of those sweet, heart rendering songs
I want a song like a smack in the face and a bruise on the arm.
The one that says
Fuck You. I don't love you
and this isn't home.
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Color Me by MedeaPending Color Me :iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 1 1
I Promise
I'll wear black eyeliner
instead of brown
I'll listen to slow meaningful songs that don't really make sense
     I'll pretend they do.
I'll stop lying - I promise.
I'll run a red light at 5:10 in the morning
Instead of sitting there thinking how I had you so close
and just let you walk away...again.
I'll start wearing yellow.
I'll start wearing jeans that don't sag.
I'll be comfortable in this skin
I promise
Instead of tearing at these cords and screaming
at the world to slow down - I'll run to catch up.
I'll become that better person I'm always promising to become
and it won't be for him
   just me.
I'll start working on things
I'll actually start trying
I promise.
I won't back out this time
I will  strip down and run  into the waves laughing
I will scream into the moon
I will dig my toes into the sand
I'll start believing again.
I can do this.
     I promise.
:iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 2 4
My World
It's not so much that the world has separated itself from me
As it is I have separated myself from them...
                                                  And their lies
                                                  And their falsehoods
:iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 2 2
Look Up
It's not
                             written on the ceiling.
It's love.</i>
And sometimes
         you have to take that chance
And look up.
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After the Beep
You've reached /MedeaPending/
Sorry I missed your call
If you leave your name and number I'll get back to you as soon as I can...
...and if you wonder why I'm gone
Where I am
or when I'll get back
go to Mapquest
Look at the place farthest from home.
          I am there
on the top of a mountain
out all the words that couldn't get past these cement walls.
I am taking pictures of boardwalks and landscapes.
The ones those windows show so incompletely...
and I am sitting on unknown park benches
with a sign that says "Do Not Wake"
                                 "Do Not Ruin This Moment for Her"
:iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 2 7
I Don't Know
I don't know
if you can start a love poem without the words "I Love You"
and I don't know if any of us really understand love anyway
There's no one to say love at first sight is real
or if it's wrong
or just
but I think it helps to see those eyes glistening with tears and confusion
and happiness
before you see them glittering with love and snowflakes.
Maybe love changes the color of your eyes anyway
From blue or brown to Forever and Always
Because everyone knows,
even if they don't understand,
that when you're in love you live in your own world
And you make up your own colors.
You can turn the blinker with the wrong hand
and you can have the most ridiculous nicknames
No one matters here in this world but you.
So just don't look away
and don't let go.
Love will never be as perfect as it is right now
Innocent and New.
Because this love will be like the profanities you can't say in church
like the heart of a poet
like the soul of a singer
and like the kind of magic not everyon
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Twenty-Five Percent
I want to read you poetry
From names you'll never know
and maybe you'll get that feeling in your stomach
Like just before the perfect kiss
Like just before the perfect hug
Like how we used to make each other feel.
I want to read you into my world.
And take your breath away
with rhythms, phrases and run-on sentences
Whispered through the lips of a poet
Because I could  never scream as loud as you needed
to cover that distance.
I want to share with you
The one I will always end up leaving you for
Because I will never love you as much as my words
My pen
and my notebooks falling apart.
As much as I say I'm trying I'm not.
But I want you to understand
To feel To cling
Like this is your  language too
Like you could stay here with me and not settle
Because I can't let either of you go.
:iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 1 3
Mature content
Sex, Regret and Poetry. :iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 1 1
Nothing Less
I said I would never write you a poem
So I could never break your heart
     there may be a small chance
                                 It's breaking already
without me and my words
and confused
     Which seems so unfair
Your heart should break for nothing less than beauty.
:iconmedeapending:MedeaPending 2 3


We are one. by rob-i We are one. :iconrob-i:rob-i 10,185 1,535
all the ways we say I love you
you glow, but only in a breathless voice like
breathing underwater. morning after scratches
down his back. love bites in unusual places. ruining
his shirt when your heart bleeds mascara isn't I love you,
but the fact that he let you is. don't go.
building yourself a home inside his ribs.yes,
I'll stay a little longer.
sweet dreams text messages
at four am because he doesn't sleep like
normal people do. quiet desperation in the way
you say his name.
no, don't say that, don't ever say that. the night
he clung to you like a child because he dreamt that you
weren't breathing. please don't do this.
not this.
knowing the angle of his jaw by touch. the way
he runs a finger along yours. breathing whisper-kisses
against his skin. every single poem for years,
and years,
and years.
maps of foreign countries you could rule together. your eyes.
I haven't felt this warm in months.

the way he grabbed your hand the last time, when he knew
but you didn't, a
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 46 19
Down the Rabbit Hole by shichinin-tai Down the Rabbit Hole :iconshichinin-tai:shichinin-tai 1,238 208
in the quiet.
i.  do you love?
shhh. enough to paddle rafts across atlantic oceans
to brush fingers.
                             don't speak.

for this, I forsake my own centuries, chronologically absent
of you. I was there dragging pyramids from sand;
I was there.
                        (if love spans time,
                         non-linear, then I was a drop of salt
                         in your ocean when the world was new. I
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 46 32
grand piano by suzi9mm
Mature content
grand piano :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 14,730 3,358
Dear Santa
Dear Santa
I think you must be God with blue eyes. Do cookies make up for my sins?
And Santa, I think that it must snow in heaven, and that's why clouds are white: because we're underneath the snow piles. And that's why, when we lay in snow, we call ourselves angels.
And I'd just like to say that we've never fought a war over whether your name is Santa or St. Nicolas. In all the years, we've never marched a crusade to claim the North Pole. And Santa, no one leaves bombs wrapped in homemade paper with bows and ribbons curled with the edge of scissors, and little tags that say, "I love you enough to wrap this and worry that the corners aren't quite neat enough and I used too much tape, even though you love me enough not to care about the wrapping or the tape or the bow or even the present," though they really just say, "to you, from me".
Nobody hates his neighbour in your name, Santa. Nobody follows me through airports and takes away my toothpaste because I said that I believed in you,
:iconsweet-lyrical:sweet-lyrical 24 16
Pon Mousepad2 by azuzephre Pon Mousepad2 :iconazuzephre:azuzephre 4,197 749 Ophelia Drowns by kittynn Ophelia Drowns :iconkittynn:kittynn 6,223 1,578



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